Chapter : Sketching timeline for the next 12 months.

I do love sketching dreams for my future and obviously in short we called as berangan!. Especially when it comes to happy-successful life that we always dream since we're young. I believe, by doing this kind of thing.. i will have a framework or guideline to achieve what i want to be or how things should be (even i know this is beyond of my control) but at least, there's some effort to achieve that and yes it's a perfect time to reconstruct my resolution as we are still in a new year mood. Hehe. It's still not too late i think. Yesterday we've discuss a bit how things should work according to our plan. Hopefully we can make it. I know we can do it. (wekk..poyonya! Haha)

*Start a new life in a new year with some new ambition with you (, insyaAllah.*