Chapter : Selekoh terakhir menjelang final.

Assalamualaikum. Well, hello everyone! Apa habaq semuaaaa? (ceeehhh, macam anuarhadi tak? ~_____~" ) Haha. Aku fans dia plus Matlutfi. Best gilaaaa mereka ni. Aku siap subscribe lagi channel mereka kat So, bila boring or stress or what so ever, layan la channel ni.

Okay, back to the topic for this entry...Since exam is around the corner, aku dan yang seangkatan dengan aku busy menyiapkan Final Year Project (FYP) kerana due date dah dekat. On 15th of April we need to submit to our department to accomplish our degree (berapa banyak to daaaa). Yes! it takes a lot of time and effort and also moneyyyy.

Everybody is trying very best to achieved the target. So, we don't have a lot of time to go window shopping or taking part in any activities. We're very focus! Sangat focus until we decided to release our tension yesterday. Muahahahaha..

After that, we start to continue the FYP again and last night, I've finished my FYP (not officially) since I have to meet my supervisor first which I think it will be tomorrow. All the best for those yang masih bekerja keras untuk FYP masing-masing.

Yaaaaaa! We know and alert with the due date but please.... Give us some break! Alaaaaaaaa... weekend kot. Tak kan nak buat kerja. Ye tak? (Even though kita tau kita full time student). Chillax, our brain cannot work 24/7 lah! Kang berasap macam mana? Siapa nak menjawab? Haaaa...

Okay lah, sampai sini saja. Hope usaha keras selama setahun membuahkan hasil yang A+ hopefully, InsyaAllah. Thanks for reading. Kalau tak cukup bacaan, jangan segan mintak FYP aku. Boleh baca FOR FREE. Hehehe..


azim ikin said...

eh eh.. korang ade fyp eh? asal uia takde ye.... anyways, gudlak for ur fyp and finals.

Nadha said...

Ada. Badget2 macam baguih la bila ada FYP. Kui3... Anyway, thanks!

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