Chapter : My heart is stereo.

My heart's a stereo
It beats for your, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every note

Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo

Sing along bebeh! Hehe... This afternoon leave kind of sweet memory for me, personally. It makes me smile all the way back home. I don't know why I'm feeling this. I wish, i can press the rewind button and make it play again and again until i get tired. Working and hanging around with all buddies at FireFly is such a wonderful experience, priceless i can say. That's why some people said, knowledge can be gain through experience. I agreed and I know that's true. I wish, all the things happen this afternoon will be nicely saved in my memory. J


Ili Nadhrah @ Kinder Bueno said...

wah berlagu ceria. :D

Nadha said...

Harus lah! Lagu ni best la Ili...Good music can be so hard to find sekrang ni. Hehe.