Chapter : Perception.

Hello people!

Okay, today's entry I would like to share with you guys out there regarding perception. According to, perception in term of psychology is a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.

Let’s see... why am I talking about perception? Okay, back few days before, I met few persons which I can called them as Pakcik or uncle and we talk about life as a student in their perspective. But of course, I will just listening and nodding about everything because I don't want to be marked as a rude person because I am rude. Hahaha :))

Well, I met this first man at the LCCT while I’m waiting for my sista's arrival.
This man talks about how a well educated lady (which is his niece) could not find any boyfriend after she graduated from overseas. So, this uncle is trying to say that, girls who are study in university should get a boyfriend while studying to secure them self after graduating. I think this type of person afraid that in future, graduates from universities will be 'tak laku' if they don't engage with any boy-friend during their study period. Why do you think this kind of thing will happen around us? I think it is because of PERCEPTION. Some factors which I can identify why educated ladies hard to be approach because of the standards. Maybe (this is my opinion, I don't know you guys) some of gents think that these ladies only prefer a guy who has a same level of education or what so ever with them (OMjay! am I one of them? Hope not!). The other factor is maybe the stigma of the societies. Re-called back this sentence, Pipit tak layak terbang bersama Enggang! Which means status or we called it 'darjat' should be at the same level. Is it applicable nowadays? Naaahhh, you can judge it by yourself... I don't know. Finally, because of fate.  Allah dah set everything for umatnya. Jodoh, pertemuan, ajal, and maut semuanya di tangan Allah. So, no need to worry about that. Apa yang Allah tetapkan adalah yang terbaik untuk anda. :)

Okay, the next person I've met is during the hot air balloon festival. This uncle said that we don't need to have a relationship during the study time. Couple is trouble (okay, this is my word. Haha). Heh, I don't know why this man say that we should not couple. Maybe he talk based on his experience, because I notice that he had mention about his daughter. 

Hurmmm... well different people have their own perspective. It is good to mixed around and gains something from their experience. Well, this kind of experience we cannot gain from the class but through observation and maybe we can share it with others. Anyway! That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

p/s: Please do comment on my grammar mistakes because I am really bad with it. Hehe.


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